Working Papers

La série des documents de travail du CRED (CRED Working Papers) rassemble les travaux des membres du centre de recherche. Pour toute question, contactez Claudine Desrieux ( ou Etienne Lehmann (
2021-1 Marie-Noëlle LEFEBVRE, Etienne LEHMANN, Michaël SICSIC
Capital incomes are more elastic than labor incomes
2021-2 Marie-Noëlle LEFEBVRE
Primaires électorales : La fin du bipartisme dans les pays européens ?
2021-3 Sara BIANCINI, Marianne VERDIER
Bank-Platform Competition in the Credit Market
2021-4 Lisa Morhaim, Aysegül Yildiz Ulusy
On history-dependent optimization models: a unified framework to analyze models with habits, satiation and optimal growth
2021-5 Raphaël Lardeux
Behavioral Cross-In uence of a Shadow Tax Bracket: Evidence from Bunching where Income Tax Liabilities start
2021-6 Morgane Cure, Matthias Hunold, Reinhold Kesler, Ulrich Laitenberger, Thomas Larrieu
Vertical Integration of Platforms and Product Prominence
2021-7 Bertrand Crettez, Marie Obidzinski
The Choice of Titling System in Land and the Blockchain
2021-8 Eddy Zanoutene
Optimal Capital Taxation under Stochastic Returns to Savings
2021-9 Laurence JACQUET, Etienne LEHMANN
How to Tax Different Incomes?
2021-10 Robert GERMESHAUSEN, Sven HEIM, Ulrich J. WAGNER
Support for Renewable Energy: The Case of Wind Power
2021-11 Abel FRANCOIS, Michael VISSER, Lionel WILNER
The petty effect of campaign spending on votes. Using political financing reforms to measure spending impacts in multiparty elections
2021-12 Marie-Noëlle LEFEBVRE, Etienne LEHMANN, Michael SICSIC, Eddy ZANOUTENE
Évaluation de la mise en place du prélèvement forfaitaire unique
Année 2020
2020-1 Sven Heim, Kai Huschelrath, Ulrich Laitenberger, Yossi Spiegel
The Anticompetitive Effect of Minority Share Acquisitions: Evidence from the Introduction of National Leniency Programs
2020-2 Ludovic Mounoussamy
Le Smart contract, acte ou hack juridique ?
2020-3 Bertrand Chopard, Marie Obidzinski
Public Law Enforcement under Ambiguity
2020-4 Bertrand Crettez, Bruno Deffains, Olivier Musy, Ronan Tallec
State Capacity, Legal Design and the Venality of Judicial Offices
2020-5 Olivier Musy
A New Keynesian Phillips Curve With Staggered Contracts and Indexation
2020-6 Bruno Deffains, Romain Espinosa, Claude Fluet
Laws and Norms: Experimental Evidence with Liability Rules
2020-7 Bruno Deffains, Claude Fluet
Social Norms and Legal Design
2020-8 Michaël Sicsic
Does Labor Income React more to Income Tax or Means-Tested Benefit Reforms?
2020-9 Marie-Noëlle Lefebvre, Etienne Lehmann, Michaël Sicsic et Eddy Zanoutene
Évaluation de la mise au barème des revenus du capital
2020-10 Christophe Carugati
Building an efficient regulation in the digital economy
Année 2019
2019-1 Laurence Jacquet, Etienne Lehmann
Optimal Income Taxation with Composition Effects
2019-2 Bertrand Crettez, Bruno Deffains, Olivier Musy
Legal Centralization: A Tocquevillian View
2019-3 Jean Mercier Ythier
The distributive liberal social contract as definite norm of communicative action: A characterization through the Nash social welfare function
2019-4 Naila Hayek
Infinite-dimensional infinite-horizon multiobjective optimal control in discrete time
2019-5 Bertrand Crettez, Naila Hayek, Georges Zaccour
Non-Deceptive Counterfeiting and Consumer Welfare: A Differential Game Approach
2019-6 Damien Gaumont, Detelina Kamburova, Julian Revalski
Perturbations of supinf problems with constraints
2019-7 Jean Mercier Ythier
Le don de sang rémunéré: Une exception singulière au principe de non-commercialisation des parties du corps humain
2019-8 Bertrand Crettez, Olivier Musy
The Paradox of Legal Unification
2019-9 Claudine Desrieux, Romain Espinosa
Case Selection and Judicial Decision-Making: Evidence from French Labor Courts
2019-10 Malin Arve, Claudine Desrieux
Arbitration: Committee preferences and information acquisition
2019-11 Bruno Deffains, Olivier Musy
Droit et finance : Quel bilan de la théorie des origines légales ?
2019-12 Kory Kroft, Kavan Kucko, Etienne Lehmann, Johannes Schmieder
Optimal Income Taxation with Unemployment and Wage Responses: A Sufficient Statistics Approach
2019-13 Touria Jaaïdane
The Transition from Tax farming to Public Tax Collection: from Qaids and Pashas to Civil Servants
2019-14 Marie Obidzinski, Yves Oytana
Presumption of Innocence and Deterrence
2019-15 Olena Havrylchyk, Carlotta Mariotto, Talal Rahim, Marianne Verdier
The expansion of the peer-to-peer lending and barriers to entry
2019-16 Carlotta Mariotto, Marianne Verdier
Platform-Merchant Competition for Selling Services
2019-17 Philippe Bich, Lisa Morhaim
On the existence of pairwise stable weighted networks
2019-18 Emmanuel Paroissien, Michael Visser
The Causal Impact of Medals on Wine Producers' Prices and the Gains From Participating in Contests
2019-19 Gilles Dubail, Damien Gaumont
A Model for Explaining Players’ Decisions in Static Strategic Games
2019-20 Bertrand Crettez, Naila Hayek, Georges Zaccour
Optimal Dynamic Management of a Charity
2019-21 Noé Ciet, Marianne Verdier
Competition and welfare effects of bailout policies
2019-22 Jean Mercier Ythier
Le marché contesté du plasma
2019-23 Jean Mercier Ythier
Communication globale, propriété de soi et corps : Discussion à partir du cas pratique du don de sang
2019-24 Lisa Morhaim
Blockchain and cryptocurrencies technologies and network structures: applications, implications and beyond
2019-25 Marie Noëlle Lefebvre, Etienne Lehmann, Michael Sicsic
Évaluation de la mise au barème des revenus du capital : Premiers résultats
2019-26 Fathi Fakhfakh, Andrew Robinson, Aguibou Tall
Financial Participation and Collective Conflicts: Evidence from French Firms