Marianne VERDIER



My research program focuses mainly on digital finance, with a special interest in the economics of platforms (payment platforms, P2P lending). I am interested in understanding the interplay between innovation, competition and regulation in the financial industry (including the entry of FinTechs).


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'What drives the expansion of the P2P lending', with Olena Havrylchyk (Université Paris 1), with Carlotta Mariotto (ESCP LabeX ReFi), Talal Rahim (Boston University).
'Competition between a Platform and Merchants for Selling Services' (2017), with Carlotta Mariotto (ESCP LabeX ReFi), Working Paper, available at ssrn.
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The workshop aims to bring together scholars, industry leaders and regulators to have an open-minded discussion about our current state of knowledge about alternative finance. Researchers are increasingly using new forms of granular data to do an exciting research about alternative credit and equity markets, but many questions remain. Why are online finance providers emerging in the market? Will they make the financial system more democratic, responsible and fair? Will they lower the cost of financial intermediation? Or are they subject to the same agency problems as traditional intermediaries? What policies should the government adopt towards alternative finance sector? The workshop will provide a forum to discuss what data and research tools are needed to answer these questions.

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Co-editor of the special issue on digital finance (DigiWorld Economic Journal N°103)


Microeconomics of banking, FinTech and Financial Intermediation, Banking Regulation, Advanced Industrial Economics, Regulation of New Technologies